MaCaDam Trio

Adam Rosenblatt, percussion

Camille Guénot, flute

Maria-José Jeannin, harp



Adam, Camille and Maria-José meet at the Advanced Master in Contemporary Music (School of Arts, Gent) conduct by the belgium Ensembles Ictus and Spectra. During their studies in United States and Europe, they discovered the contemporary world and decides to focus on it.


The Music de Table Trio was formed in October 2012 in the Gent University's Advanced Master program in Contemporary Music, a program conducted by the Belgian Ictus and Spectra Ensembles. As the trio desires to make music from a new perspective, they choose a special working repertory: those pieces where classical instruments are used in a conventional manner, and those pieces where the musicians' bodies and acting abilities become a means of expression equal to their technical abilities on the instruments. To view this music as truly corporeal music makes it alive and colored, bestows it with new meaning, and enlarges the details with a sense of the global form. The scores begin to speak by themselves and become transparent.