Toward the sea III T.Takemitsu

for alto flute and harp-1989

Wonderful and poetic piece where the word SEA (mib-mi-la) is a link between the three movements.


Hyxos G.Scelsi

Flute and percussion-1955

The melodic line makes you think about Asia and is sustained by two gongs, like an incantation.


Nagoya Marimba S. Reich

for two marimbas -1994 (handmade transcription for harp and marimba)

The resonance of the harp is quite close to the marimba one: slowly, the sounds get mixed and the repetition works as a trance.


Chose mise à bart F. Rossé

for vibraphone and harp-1998

The composer plays with the resonances and the sound of both instruments, creating a particular atmosphere in each part.


Musique de table T. De Mey

for three percussionists- 1987

This piece can also be played by non percussionists. Seated behind a table, their hands dance creating rythms and choreographies in a perfect synchronisation.


Laboratorium V. Globokar - 1984


for harp

-Inventions paramétriques

for harp and percussion


for percussionist and his body

The full piece Laboratorium is 4 hours long and has 55 movements. In these 3 extracts, every piece is an experiment of a musical parametre and an atempt at another way of playing the traditional instrument. The voice replaces the harp, the percussionist plays instead of the harpist, the body becomes an instrument, an other, a stranger, an unknow exterior element.